Seattle Wine Storage, Inc. has been dedicated to providing ideal conditions for storing your valuable wine collection since 1995. Storing your wine is our only focus. We are now open seven days a week from noon until 6 PM for your convenience.

For convenient access we offer both individual lockers and walk-in cellars secured by your own lock and key. In addition, we offer economical pallet storage for handling larger quantities or for short term needs (e.g. while moving or remodeling your cellar).

In 2005, we doubled our storage space to over 15,000 square feet and have open lockers in a variety of sizes, but are once again approaching full capacity.


Seattle Wine Storage is located in the bustling South Lake Union area, just minutes from all major freeways. We are geographically situated between I-5 and Hwy. 99 for quick access from the North or South, and between I-90 and Hwy. 520 for easy access for eastside wine storage customers. Our unique subterranean location provides a level of security and stability unmatched in the area. There are no exposed exterior walls, doors or windows above grade, and our building was seismically retrofitted in 2004.


With our recent expansion, Seattle Wine Storage has an 1,100 sq. ft. lounge area for client use. You can relax with friends over a glass of wine, browse through our library of wine books, use your laptop or our HP Touchscreen PC to access the internet via Wi-Fi, shoot a game of pool or watch a ball game or music DVD on our HD-TV, or select and play music via our new Meridian Sooloos media system, with 1,200 CDs available at a touch. The lounge can also be reserved for use by clients to host your own tastings.

Reserved parking is available at the loading dock level for SWS clients. Hand trucks and dollies are available to easily move your wine from your vehicle to your locker.

Even our lockers are designed with your convenience in mind. Unlike many wine storage facilities, there are no huge ladders needed to access lockers above your head. Locker doors easily lift off for full-width access to the locker instead of being hinged. Smaller lockers (up to 16 cases) hold all your wine on a single layer – no need to stack boxes on top of other boxes. Larger lockers have multiple shelves so that you don’t have to move all your boxes to get to the bottom layer of wine.

For the ultimate in convenience, we offer racking lockers in many sizes, from 25 cases to over 300 cases in flexible, easy to access racks.

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